What is Community Values Mapping?

Community Values Mapping is a town-wide engagement effort that lets a community find out more about itself. Its goal is to help identify the places in town that are important to residents for a wide variety of reasons. On a shared map of Westminster, residents highlight different areas and places they use or appreciate. For example, you might highlight a favorite scenic spot, hunting or fishing area, woods trail, historic building, or community gathering spot, among other possibilities. This collected information is later brought together in a series of maps that highlight our town's special places.

Why does it matter?


Towns all over Vermont have engaged their citizens in shaping the future through Community Values Mapping. The goal of the mapping in Westminster is to bring people together to share and learn more about places we care about, not to add new regulations or ordinances. Ideas generated from values mapping will help inform discussions in the town planning process, identify important areas for future preservation, and provide a collective understanding of our wonderful community.

How do I participate?

There are three ways to be part of the mapping process in Westminster. Click on the underlined text to learn more about each option.

     1.  April 26, 6-8pm -- Attend the online Community Values Mapping Forum.

     2. April 27-May 11 -- Participate anytime on your own on this self-guided website.

     3. April 27 - May 11 -- Visit the West West School or Town Offices and mark your places on a paper map. At the West West School, the map will be located under the cover porch and can be accessed anytime. At the Town Offices, the map will be located inside and is only accessible during Town Office Open Hours.

Who is organizing this community values mapping effort?

The Westminster Planning Commission (with support from the Westminster Selectboard, Westminster Conservation Commission, Windham Regional Commission, and Vermont Fish and Wildlife) are working together to find out what places in our community are most important to us.